Mod Request: God Mod


Hello StoneHearth community, I am writing this to bring up a new idea for a mod. Have you ever heard of a game called “Rise to Ruins”? This game is somewhat similar to StoneHearth, except it has a feature I would like to see implemented into the game. In the game “Rise to Ruins” you raise a settlement and improve it to defend it from invading monsters. One feature that sticks out the most (to me) is that you as the player can directly interact with the items, mobs and terrain of the map.

You as a god can only do so much through the use of mana points. You can earn mana in a few ways besides waiting such as using potions. For a moderate amount of mana points, you can help your citizens while they work hard to bring safety and prosperity to your kingdom. Running out of stone? Gather resources by clicking into the desired terrain (Mountain for stone etc…) and place said resource into a construction project or a stockpile. Is there a horde of zombies infiltrating the city? No problem, just send a few lightning strikes or flaming meteorites down upon them. Or better yet, why not just relocate the horde into the ocean to drown, or maybe move some of the townspeople to safety? There are quite a few other abilities that are in the game that aren’t mentioned, but I reassure you, this would be a blast to have in a game such as StoneHearth.

Why be a king, when you can be a god?

Rise to Ruins Website: Rise to Ruins by Rayvolution



Stoneheath has ability enhancing potions that work the same way. It would be amazing if you could help out with an emergency heal, or a lightning bolt etc. I think that’s a great idea.

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There is another thread about possible money sinks and this could be a potential way of giving the player some god mode abilities. Allow hearthlings to make a “sacrifice” or donation of gold to give the player access to some consumed on use powers such as the emergency heal or lightning bolt mentioned.

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Good idea about sacrificing items for “power-ups”. I will try to learn SH modding and see what I can come up with.

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If I may give you some advice there? Unless you already know some coding languages, start small. Placable items, thst kinda thing. Because what you guys want is tricky, but cool. You could start with an altar for those sacrifices for instance