Expanding world by overlapping saves i think?

Ummmm so guys i was messing around in the newest steam beta release build 180 and found that if u open a save and after its loaded hit backspace 2 times it brings u back to the homescreen from where u can start a new game. If u start a new game it overlaps it with the save u have loaded and creates two worlds on the one area adding a new village, new parts of the map, sometimes expandind it, and adding all previous workers to ur new villages party. Havn’t yet messed around much with it but am trying. Will give detailed instructions below. I don’t want u to really remove this right away as it seems pretty awesome :stuck_out_tongue:

1)Start a new game and save it.
2)Load that game again.
3)Press backspace 2-4 times(this will bring u back to homeescreen)
4)Start a new game.


I was unable to save the game after doing this on the same game for the 4th time, the game just crashes to the background where u need to use task manager to stop it

Alt-Tabbing from the game while having a save likes this loaded makes the icon dissappear (atleast in windows 10 technical preview)

Random problems of the game no saving at random points are very common

quite the random, but interesting discovery! :smile:


This comes with all kinds of side effects and I would strongly advise against it. If you’re not satisfied with the map size, you can adjust GENERATION_RADIUS in stonehearth/call_handlers/new_game_callhandler.lua to some higher value. The highest value you can choose, however, seems to be 4. That’s still a map that is over 8x8, as compared to >2x2 that the normal generation gives you.


I assume that map limitation could be the reason these maps can be overlapped only a few times

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