Everyone but footmen gone idle

im not sure how this happened but no matter what I try I cant get my Hearthlings to do anything. all they do is eat and sleep atm or stand/sit around being idle

is there anyway to ‘reset’ them anyone using console commands?

Well, there is the reset command in console, but I doubt that would help. Pretty sure that it is only for physical position in world.

Have you tried:

  1. Checking that they have something to do? (I know, obvious, but I still have to ask).
  2. Ensuring that the tasks are not suspended via the Citizen menu?
  3. Saving and reloading the game?

there was lots to mine and move around
tried to suspend and re enable them
tried saving and reloading a few times. took about the fourth or fifth reload before they started working again

Definitely odd. Do you still have one of the save that reloading did NOT work on? Can you upload it if so?

I kept reloading the same save a few times and they decided to start working…

is that the save you are referring to?

Yes. If you could upload that, it would likely be helpful to the devs (like @Albert and @Ponder).

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if I notice it happen again ill upload the save =]

hopefully it was just a small hicup

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alright this happened to me again along with another bug and something that is quite annoying and im sure many others would love to be changed :


when things appear the sink into the ground if they are on dirt but if they are on stone they do not sink 1 square down, this is extreamely annoying since there is no way to replace that dirt

Hi i’ve the same problem and i tried first to suspend everything and then to activate only haul and for the moment everyone is restocking item but still having resource “flying” and not falling down after removing the ground

hum I have not seen that one yet

Just wanted to add in that I noticed this as well in a game last night…but completely forgot to save the game! There was a period of ~5 minutes (real time, running game speed 2) where everyone but footman was idling, and after they resumed working everyone started hauling (even my farmers and crafters).

after starting a new game i’ve got the same problem again, i’ve waited for 5 minutes with game speed 2 and now everyone’s working but i noticed, during the 5 min, that the bar in the bottom left of the screen was almost completely grey (unaccounted time) and opening the “bar menu” the percentage was 0,4…hope this helps

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ops, the bar in the bottom right

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