Environmental Class Sub Group

I like that geomancers are in the game but rather than fall under magic, I think they should fall under a different sub group: Naturists.

See, geomancers can make and shape the earth but a different direction in the subclass could be the environmentalist who, rather than farm and domesticate animals, help to cultivate forests and wildlife. Once the trees near your town are chopped down, you have to start venturing further out for wood and supplies. But, instead, have environmentalists cultivate the land (seed trees so they grow next year, protect animals so they don’t die out due to raiders and hunters, damn rivers to create pools for fishing).

Also in this subgroup could be the Stargazers that Geoffers mentioned in another forum (those who could use high built observatories to provide accurate reports on weather predictions and seasonal changes).

What do you guys think? What are some good ideas for other classes in this sub group?


I do say that sounds like a rather new and intriguing idea that I would like to explore if it makes it into the game this idea has my vote. thumbs up

*Starwatchers :tongue: (those faces are a bit creepy no?), or something to that effect - Skyseers? Anyway.

I like the concept, I think we’d need to see the full class tree really as then we could see where there are potential gaps, or the ability to include a new class/ sub-class. Having these amount of classes could backfire as you just wouldn’t have enough people to go around or something … who knows.

Not enough to go around? All I need is 5 magma smiths, 2 melee tanks on those goblin tiger mounts, a farmer and like 10 dps casters. What else could you possibly need :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, the population cap is going to impact how many classes are viable; too many classes means that you won’t be able to get enough of any one thing to build a viable crafting economy without becoming very specialized. I think forcing some level of specialization is ok, but it would be frustrating I got cut out of several class trees simply due to lacking manpower.

Have they said anything about population caps? I was under the impression that the only limitation was being able to feed them all.

No word on the population cap as of yet (at least I don’t think so).

True but this is just an ideas thread to inspire Radiant to consider an idea that we, the community, can build up together. Something to consider; I’ll let them worry about viability and balancing since they know the game they want to build.

So, if you guys don’t mind, can we keep this thread about similar class ideas instead of population caps? :slight_smile:

Even if they had a “pop cap” at launch, it would be easy to change yourself. Imo geomancers are a type of spell caster. The suffix implies specifically supernatural control over some element which doesn’t seem to line up with what naturalism means.

Seems like an amazing idea to me! Also if there is volcanic eruptions or earthquakes why not a geologist for nature?

on pop caps, I am not very good with code, but assuming they dont try and make it hard, pop caps would be incredibly easy to change.

I love the basic idea of the naturists and the geomancers role, but this is really something decided during balancing and playtesting.

You might want to rethink the name “Naturist”. It actually means someone who likes walking around in public, naked.

Oh really, so, @Rudy doesn’t actually mean naturists ?

Well then I’m no longer interested in this idea, and retract anything positive I have said.

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It seems like the top tier classes are a sort of fusion between profession and magic. A magma smith is a smith class who learned to harness the flow of molten stone like he has with metals in a forge. A geomancer seems like they would be connected to mining and excavation.

I think that a class dedicated to trees and wildlife would be closest to a Druid. The druid could use herb lore and magic to help crop growth, regrow trees, and make herbal remedies and potions. The earlier tiers would include farmers and herbalists.

For your Stargazer class, I think that a great use in addition to weather prediction would be mapmaking. A map could be used to remove Fog of War from distant parts of the world without risking units, and a well mapped area could speed up the travel time of your guys. Starcharts would also be a good research requirement for the Ships everyone wants so much.

I see the magic top tiers as a very special unit. Something you would have to unlock with a special quest-module. Tom has said that class upgrades are based on tools, so it would be something like the gauntlet for the smith.