Entire game window stuttering

Description of problem
Game window stutters and is causing stuck keys

Steps to reproduce:

  1. This happens in any portion of the game. Even when choosing your beginning options (race, environment, difficulty) does this happen. Game window stutters, as in, the Stonehearth icon in my taskbar seems to reset, almost as if I’m restarting the app, though the game continues running, but with a stutter… When it does this, some keys will get stuck, such as if I’m rotating the screen and I release the key, it continues rotating until I press the key again. Also, the windows thinking icon will show briefly, and when it does this, I can’t choose any options. Another thing that occurs, presumably because the keys are stuck, is if I’m laying out a stockpile or choosing some other area, it will think I’m done selecting it before I finish, so the stockpile will not reach the size I want. I have not seen any problems with memory leaks, in that the memory usage seems to stay constant. I did not have this problem with the Alpha 15 pre-release. It only occurred once Alpha 15 was released. There are no crash error messages. It’s hard to explain, but I can post a gameplay video somewhere if needed.

Expected results
Able to play game

Actual results
Not really able to play game. lol:



Game version
Alpha 15, no mods:

System specs
Latitude E7450, Windows 10 Pro, X-64 based processor, Intel® Core™ i5-5200U CPU @ 2.20GHz, 2195 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s), 4GB Memory, Intel HD Graphics 5500

hey there @james39562, welcome to the discourse :smile: or the discussion at least, i see you’ve been lurking for quite awhile now…

hmm… this is definitely odd, i dont believe i’ve seen this kind of issue reported before…

a video would definitely help explain the problem, possibly even help the devs figure out the cause,

i’m probably not going to be of much help here, so i’m going to page @Albert for you :slight_smile:

Ok, I will upload to youtube and post a link, if that will work.

Alright, here’s the link to my gameplay video. You’ll notice the icon in the taskbar keeps acting weird, and that’s about the only way I can describe it. lol. I couldn’t get the stockpile to screw up, but when I go to gather wood, the first time I try to drag around the trees, it doesn’t catch. I had to click it again to drag the box around the trees.

I’ve also noticed the following line repeatedly in the stonehearth log. Not sure if this is related or not: renderer.renderer | ignoring duplicate screen resize to (1354, 705). If I can find out how, I’ll attach the log to this discussion.

Thanks for the help!

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stonehearth.log (25.0 KB)

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hmm… i’ve had that happen a few times when i first start the game, but never whilst actually playing it…

well that definitely seems like it would have part in this whole thing, but i can’t say i know exactly what… i guess we’ll just have to wait for Albert to reply

I haven’t seen this before. The laptop is pretty minimum spec with only two cores, 4 GB memory, and the Intel graphics, but that doesn’t seem to explain the behavior. The drivers also appear up to date.

@not_owen_wilson - Is the “duplicate screen resize” message a clue to anything?

I get this in my log when I start SH on my intel graphics notebook with a dual monitor setup. This line doesn’t show up when I use it outside my docking station with just my built in display. But I never saw the stuttering or weird acting icon in the taskbar.

My Notebook is way under the minimum specs for SH so I get massive framerate drops → I will never play on it

I realize my laptop might not be at recommended level, but SH was playing fine before the Alpha 15 release. 15 pre-release was running fine too. It did get a little slow around 40 villagers, but it never had the stuttering problem. I didn’t get the update with the trader stall, so I don’t know if something changed in the code at that point that might have caused an issue. To be fair, I did just reinstall Windows prior to getting the 15 release, but I was pretty sure I updated all my drivers after that. And I’m only using my laptop screen, so there is no dual monitor. I hope it’s just a setting on my computer somewhere. I’d hate to be the only one with a bug that would force thousands of lines of code to be scrapped. lol.

Interesting. This might be somehow related to Windows 10–I think that ‘icon weirdness’ is the game (or os) trying to pop up a window, which is then somehow killed/dismissed before it has a chance to actually show. I’m thinking something along the lines of one of those “blablah.exe wants to access the internet, should we let it?” dialog boxes that opens whenever you first run a new game, for example. It might not be exactly that, but something similar. That might also explain all the “ignoring duplicate screen resize” messages in your log; that’s definitely out of the ordinary and suggests something odd going on. Also, very curious why Stonehearth is running in 32-bit mode; how are you launching the game? From within steam?

I can think of a couple things to try: launching the 64-bit version manually to see if that helps (Steam/steamapps/common/Stonehearth/x64). Enabling compatibility mode for the game (right-click the program icon, click Properties, and then click the Compatibility tab), and try choosing win8/win7). Also, are you running ip-address proxy software? Those can interfere with Stonehearth.


Hey, guys, thanks for all the good advice. I set stonehearth to run in compatibility mode for Windows 7 and it seems to have fixed the stuttering problem. Maybe it’s something to do with how Windows 10 handles dual core processors. From what I understand, it’s the first version of Windows that can truly use dual core processors to their full potential. Not sure, but I’m glad Stonehearth is running smooth once again.


hey there @james39562,

glad to hear that fixed it, i’ve moved this to res, but if you run into the problem again dont hesitate to say so!

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