Characters Lagging

My Hearthlings lag when I go at all speeds. They pause for a second or two, and it happens every 4 seconds or so.
I have tried uninstalling the game and lowering the settings. PLEASE HELP ME. The Game Is UNPLAYABLE.

This happens to a friend of mine as well :frowning:

You mean at any speed? Or just when you play on speed 2 or 3?

Lag and stutters can be caused by lots of different things. :sweat:
It might be that something is interferring with the game (for example, a firewall, or another application or process in the background).
It might be too many hearthlings too busy or in the night.
It might be a graphics booster or CPU overclocking or the like.
It might be a performance issue with some subsystem of the game (the team keeps working on performance).

At all speeds. And it might be firewall, gonna check that.
I have a computer at another house that is worse in all ways possible, and it runs it smoothly. But I don’t come there often

EDIT: It didn’t help turning of the firewall.