[24.4 Unstable] Stutter and lag with no fps drop

Steam Unstable Version.

After some time playing on this save I noticed that some hearthlings dropping things on the ground and idling about for some time after picking another random task. But as they increased in numbers the blue bar on the bottom right started to occupy the entirety of the bar.

When that happens the game stutters and freezes constantly, but steam overlay don’t acuse drop in frames. Actually the frame rate is boosted up during this, from 60~80 normally up to 120+ while lagging hard. Pausing the game with escape key seems to fix hearthlings pathing for a short time before getting laggy again. The lag is temporarily fixed by saving and loading, bug the issue remuses in about 5 to 10 minutes.

Also noticed hearthlings being quite indecisive about what to do. With the path lines turned on it’s clear that some hearthlings change tasks all the time, regardless if they already started a task or didn’t finished or even reached their first destination.
One example was a worker, helping on a building. Finished some walls then the path linked to a pelt far away in a trap zone. The worker walked to the edge of the village just to come back to the building in progress, dropped a log in the scaffolding and went to grab another thing on a crafter’s output shelf. The worker performed a few other tasks before placing the crafter’s item on the storage house.

SaveFile.7z (3.6 MB)


I have 16 hearthlings and everyone moves as if they had a poor internet connection, however the game itself runs smoothly to me. They also are not able to complete tasks efficiently and become idle more often probably due to a data overflow, which might hinders AI perfomance. While it’s not new that hearthlings become idle more often when there are many of them, the fact that they stutter around when moving while the game still runs fluid is new to me.

(Off topic, but thanks devs for fixing the crash caused by an AI bug - finally can play without crashes again)