Characters lagging but not controls

Summary: My game used to work perfectly fine but now it seems to freeze my game every few seconds but its only the characters and controls i can still move around the world and move my mouse but everything else stops. The video in the attachments area isnt by me and was a while ago but this is the same problem i have. If you need me to explain better then let me know k? Thanks

Steps to reproduce:

Expected Results:
The game to run smoothly
Actual Results:


Attachments: Stonehearth hitching lag

Version Number and Mods in use:
release 784
System Information:

Does this happen when you run that savefile in 32bit? (you can change that in the settings, then restart)
How many hearthlings did you have when this happened? Or it’s just in a new game?

Do you use any mods?

Did this start to happen in the r784 version?

no mods used it does it from the start of the game and doesent stop and yes i tried 32 bit didnt change it

Does it happen if you log out of Steam and run the Stonehearth.exe manually?

What are your computer specs (CPU, RAM, OS, Graphic Card) ?
Have you tried updating your drivers from your manufacturer’s website recently?

This happens for me whenever my LUA is out of control. The game slows itself down to give it time to run.

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Yes it works in and out of steam.
Graphics card is NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti
8 GB of Ram
My OS build is 16299.192
My processor is AMD FX™-100 six-core Processor

If this happens right when starting a new game, when you haven’t set up any harvest / mining / building orders yet, something else must be messing with the game.

Could you upload your stonehearth.log after letting the game lag for a couple minutes? It’s inside C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stonehearth.

Did you try any of these workarounds?:

In the second post of that thread there’s a list of applications that can make your game lag like that. Do you have any of them running in the background when the lag happens? It could even be your antivirus.

Some of the things i couldent try being on windows 10 but the things i could didnt help
do you need me to copy and paste everything from the log?

You can upload the entire file by dragging it into the reply window or using the upload button, no need to manually copy-paste the text. (19.5 KB)

That stonehearth.log and crash.dmp are from November '17.

Where did you get that log from? It’s certainly not from r784, as you claim in the OP :thinking:

The crash seems to be the system not being able to detect a monitor, and might work if you disabled fullscreen.
Have you tried updating your graphic drivers from this page Download Drivers | NVIDIA ?

I just went where you told me to go I’ll go check in about an hour as I’m out atm and yes I tried out of fullscreen and I’d didn’t change it and my drivers might be out of date I’ve not checked them in a while but I did update them a few months ago and it didn’t change the situation back then but I’ll try so I’ll let you know when I’m back k? Thanks for helping me with this btw

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There is a file called crash_reporter that i can send or open will it maybe be there and i just need to find a way in?
it was last modified 2/2/18

The crash_reporter is what automatically generates the crash.dmp file when your game crashes (although not all crashes generate crash dumps). There’s no need to send it nor use it manually.

If it was updated on 2/2/18 it means you should be running the latest release, but how come the stonehearth.log you sent is from November (A22)? The log is overwritten every time you play the game, and it’s inside the folder, has nothing to do with the crash reporter.

The stonehearth.log you sent with the crash.dmp file corresponds to a crash (the game shutting down) not to the lag you were having, that’s why I’m so confused :thinking:

Do you have a more recent log? Does it update when you play the game (the last modified date)?

everything but those things says 2018 but they wont update for some reason. is there any other way to get a different log?

if i delete the log when i play the game will a new one appear?

A new one will be created the next time you open the game.
You might not be able to delete it while the game is running because it is being used by the game.

It wont create a new log but it seems that after i deleted the previous log my game has been find. Idk if it was maybe the log that was bugging the game out because it couldent update or somthing? Atleast its working for now if anything happens again ill let you know ok? Thanks for the help you provided

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Glad it’s working now! :smiley:

That was definitely strange.

yea it really was. Now i know i should just be happy i can play the game but i thought it would be good to mention just now that the different storage things that you can make cant hold steel ingots but can hold every other ingot. Just letting you know

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