Performance and Combat issues


I am experiencing a few bugs, which make Stonehearth very frustrating to play.

When my footmen attack something, game stops briefly in moment when weapon “touches” enemy. Strangely enough, I don’t experience it when my footmen are fighting far away from my village.
A large fight inside a village makes my game to stop entirely for about 3-4 seconds.

I am experiencing also a huge problem with performance after about 10 days in game. I have about 10 hearthlings by then and about 6-7 buildings, everything is running smoothly (besides combat), a coloured bar in lower right part of screen shows about 60-80% of idle. But then something happens, and lua takes about 60-80% of this bar, like this

Game is slowed down severely after this, reloading a game does not help. Sometimes this happens sooner, sometimes later. Number of hearthlings or buildings does not seem to affect this.

Do you know the source of these bugs? Can we expect that developers fix this in the next update?

The lag spikes from fighting has been reported already, and something must have been causing your lua spikes. What goes on when the lua spikes? It can be anything so look around and see what’s going on in every nook abd cranny. Also, what’ re your system specs and game settings on?

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Thank you for fast reply!
I haven’t noticed anything wrong when “lua spike” started occurring in my game. Game just slowed down, I was not even building anything. I am running Stonehearth on Lenovo G500s laptop, which have Intel i3 3110m 2,4 Ghz processor, 4 GB ram and GeForce 720M Graphics Card. It should be enough to run this game (it passes recommended graphics requirements). And here is screen of my graphics options

It doesn’t have to be something “wrong” just something going on before the lua spikes due to that something. @8BitCrab you got any idea what could be causing it?

does this happen just at night, or during the day to? if its only happening at night, then it could be all the particle effects from the firepit, lanterns, and such. and if its happening during fighting, that also may be due to the particle effects and the fight animations.

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Dunno if it can cause it, but do shops pop up as well? Sometimes if things happen suddenly at the same time, it can cause a lua spike or just a geneal lag spike.

After it started happening it just don’t stops. I waited for 10 minutes, and it didn’t stopped even for a second.

Did it start at night? Did you here a shop try to pop up? Or an attack?

I did not have any issue with shopping. If I recall correctly it started at day, when I finished to mine a tunnel in the mountain, about 12 tiles long. A lot of ore and stone was lying around.
But previous time when I had such problem I was not mining at all, so I don’t think mining is a problem.

I remember other users complaining also about hitching

so it might be some calculations in the background, but if you don’t experience it when thay are fighting away, it might be caused by another thing. :confused:

So let’s say I also have this problem at night, is there a certain graphic setting that will reduce the particles?

im not sure… try playing with the lowest graphics and shadow settings, other then that, im unsure if there is a way to turn off/down individual graphic settings.

I am using now latest “beta build” on steam.
I don’t have any problems with combat now, now hearthlings can defend themselves without lags :smile:
I didn’t have any problems with performance so far, but I have played only 1h on new build, so lua spikes can still happen.

Actually I got these strange lua pikes too. But when playing in peaceful, I’m not getting them at all. I was experiencing that golem camps create quite a bit of lua. Probably it’s related to this? Are there any golems in your world?