Enemy camp placement bug?

For my latest settlement I chose a map with a lot of water in the temperate biome. The map generated is pretty much split in half by a lot of water plus two islands. I’ve gotten as far as the start of the Ogo campaign and now enemy camps are spawning at the side of the map with no walking access yet. My town only has a bridge to the other side right now. Despite that enemy camps, including Ogo, decided to spawn on the wrong side, and one camp spawned on an island. Not sure if this would be considered a bug or not. Here’s a few screenshots:

I have a bridge across to one big area of the map but no access yet by foot to the side where enemies have spawned.


No mods, Steam unstable branch release-875 (x64)

In the next release, reachable locations will be prioritized, but it’s still possible to isolate yourself on an island or mountain peak and things will spawn in unreachable locations.