Enemies spawn in inaccessible places

While I was playing the other day, I was invaded during one particular night, but my guards never found the enemy, nor did they show up to cause trouble for the establishment.

After looking around for a little bit, I found the so-called invaders had stranded themselves by spawning on top of a tree.
This was strange and I didn’t really feel like helping them, so I thought I’d report their futile attempt at savagery for the forum to see.

(They were a little hard to see in the dark, and I didn’t notice them because they weren’t moving)

(Here’s a close up of their sillyness)


haha, good catch, i guess the spawning mechanics haven’t been completely ironed out yet :joy:


This only happened once, or at least the only time I noticed.

yea, but it still goes to show it has problems sometimes, thanks for reporting :smile:


Invader spawning under water


These squeletons just spawned in my latest kingdom.

They could be elven squeletons, But I guess I’ll have to help them down.
I haven`t seen any thread similar, but, if there is one, please merge this with it.

Thank you and have fun.


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i have seen one with this exact example (on top of trees) however i dont seem to be able to find it. :confused:

Is this the one you were looking for?


indeed it is! thanks for helping out :smile:

F5 and restart does not fix the issue.

Well, this is more a problem of spawning in a bad place :sweat_smile:

I don’t think that they are able to get out of the water by themselves. Do they die when the sun comes out again?


not sure if this is a bug or a feature…
but during my last night time a bunch of Zombies spawned at the entrance of my mine and one of them got positioned on a wall-mounted lantern
since there were no adjecent blocks he was stuck there the whole night and vanished in the morning

the poor guy (or girl?) didn’t even get the chance to get slaughtered by my footmen :unamused:


just merged yours with this one, as it also has to do with “bad” spawning places of undead and such.


Sad story bratanas !!!

I noticed that sometimes mobs spawn on the trees, and if I see correctly they are not exactly squirrels :smiley:


I’ve had Hearthlings spawn on top of trees too.


Not sure how this one happened, I was off selecting berry bushes to be harvested and hear the little invaders at night ping. When I went back to my town I saw the following.


hey there @FemboyYordle … welcome aboard! :smile:

your images have been embedded… :+1:


to me it looks like they spawned on top of the wall mounted lantern…

i have also merged with this older topic about bad undead spawn places.


I was wondering why I never ran into any undead enemies when playing the latest release. I was getting worried that they were going to ambush me in the mines near my town like before, but nope. Paranoid over nothing it seems.

New Idea instead of removing the bug keep it and add the ability for them to jump down, give skeletons bows and let them set up in the trees while zombies jump down and climb up stuff. It would make life much more challenging.