Enemies spawning at unexplored elevations

Version 2998

What’s happening:
When Ogo’s army arrives, they spawn in an elevation that I haven’t explored yet. This is quite annoying since if I get a worker there to make a ladder to help them down, it leaves that worker exposed. Also if they’re stuck there for a long time, it slows down the game since the engine seems to continuously find a way out of that elevation.

Anyways, I tried to take them down with archers from the low ground, but it seems that more enemies spawned (goblin archers).

Technically you have explored there, otherwise it would be that dark border that I believe is suppose to be the actual unexplored area.

When you send hearthlings out there is a radius they will uncover, and from the looks of it you have uncovered that area. Height doesn’t matter much in unveiling the map.

However I think the only thing that could be considered somewhat a bug in this is that they spawned in an unreachable place. I have had that happen on occasion, but not often as it use to be. Unreachable, as in they can not get to you by any means.

@setsk0n - Do you have the save when this occurred?

Edit: I just fixed a versioning bug that was nuking the player territory, so the spawn points should be more stable in the next build.