[BUG] Lonely Mountain



I received a prompt when Ogo`s army arrived, but when I looked around only Mountain had spawned. At first I thought this was what was supposed to happen, I thought Ogo retreated because Mountain betrayed them. However after I saw topics commenting about an actual goblin army now I know it was an weird bug.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Wait for Ogo`s army.
  2. Receive the prompt about the invasion
  3. Look around and find mountain alone

Expected Results:

Both Mountain and Ogo`s army would arrive.

Actual Results:

Only Mountain spawns


This happened early in my playtrough and I thought it was the correct behavior, so many hearthling days have passed since Mountain spawned.


None for the reason above.

Version Number and Mods in use:

Steam beta latest unstable branch. No mods.

System Information:

I don`t think it is necessary.

I think it is a bug, he use to attack alongside Ogo, and i’v seen this before as well

Also, thing is, Ogo actually Does spawn alongside Mountain, just that him and his army doesn’t ‘attack’ at the same time(which is a bug) if you look around, he’ll probably be somewhere

I think it’s a pathing error if you have a wall around your town and Ogo can’t breach it, but i don’t know the situation for your case

@Scal, could you upload the save where this is happening?

I deleted the old saves… It happened very early in my playtrough and at the time I thought it was the expected behavior. Im still playing with the same town, but I dont think it would help now…