A missing mountain

sooo, I destroyed a village, grabbed the wind chime part, got told ogo skullbonker will bonk my skull, got told to build the wind chime, did so, waited, waited a bit more, waited for even longer, finally ogo stated he’s here to mug me of everything shiny, went to town alert mode and stationed my guards behind the wind chime, waited, waited a bit more, waited for even longer and finally released town alert mode and everything went back to normal.

(anyone know the event name for console commands?)

Steps to reproduce:

  1. I dunno
  2. help me
  3. please?

Expected Results:
an ogre named mountain

Actual Results:
not an ogre named mountain



Version Number and Mods in use:
alpha 17 and none

System Information:
this thing? 85eebb60-71f7-11e6-b0eb-d0509997ae81

Happened to me as well. I had walled off my village and I think that their army didn’t move cause the path was too long.

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It might be. If your town is completely surrounded, with no doors or path to enter it, Ogo’s party won’t be able to find a path. They might approach your town, but they will stop moving at some point, and I think they’ll disappear automatically after some time too.

Did you get a notification about enemies approaching? If you clicked it, it should have brought the camera to where the party was.

I had this in 3 cases. One was where Ogo’s troops spawned on a mountain that lost access to the city a short time before (stupid miners cutting off the way top). In the other 2 cases, his party would simply stand around at their spawn or walk a few meters and stand still. The city was basically walled off once or twice, but accessable through doors and fence gates.


If the city has doors or gates, Mountain should path towards the nearest door and try to break it. If you encounter this again, please upload a save from right after Ogo/Mountain spawn.