Ogo's army can't reach my village

Ogo’s mighty army with his Mountain ogre are stuck on a patch of ground that is separated in the mountains. Although I’m safe, this is still a bug.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. ???

Expected Results:
Ogo’s army attacking my village and spawning accordingly on non-blocked ground.
Actual Results:
Ogo’s army spawned on a cliff and can’t reach my village.
Edit: I had this “problem” before but then I had my village walled off, so they couldn’t just get inside. This amount of mobs causes also immense lag.

Version Number and Mods in use:
0.17.0 (develop 3010) x64 build
System Information:
Probably not needed.

Ogo learn to build ladders. Then you surrender.


I had a similar problem in a related post:

if I hadn’t built a stair way to the cut off section of cliff, would they still have spawned? Ill never know, but I assume yes.