Enemies still spawning in inaccessible areas, alpha 15

Enemies are still spawning in inaccessible areas even in the newest release.

screenshot where you can see the little rock enemy here:


I can tell / assume he’s unreachable because my soldiers do not respond to an attack command to chase him and I can’t see any path for them to get there visually.

Savegame attached with the unreachable meanie:

1458105543932.zip (7.0 MB)

@Hieronymous, I do not believe that the new algorithm checks if the thing that spawns can path to the centroid of town, only that it isn’t in the town, not underwater, not in a mine, and has enough flat space on the ground. Will need to check with @albert on this one…

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@jomaxro is correct. The enemy spawns usually have a path to town, but not always. Sometimes you will have to build a ladder or bridge to reach them.


OK, thanks for clarifying. It makes a big difference when choosing initial fort placement, or rather it will once ranged enemies come into play. Having fire rain down from an inaccessible spawn point could be a fort killer.