I'm not sure they intended to have repeated spawns on top of themselves

This could be intended but in case it wasn’t, figured I would throw it up here.


hmm… i’e seen this same thing reported before, but i dont think it should be happening…

guess i’ll page @linda, to see whether this is the intended behavior or not…

also, just embedded the photo for you…


I’ve seen thish happen all the time to me too, I beleive there are around 3 designated enemy spawnpoints every game thay stack if they have to. I think the devs should just make each spawnpoint random. .-.

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i’m pretty sure it is random, however with the current system the enemies can only spawn in a location that is pathable to your village, this will be changing though.


I have a save where enemies will constantly spawn with no path to village.

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which version of the game are you playing on?

i’m pretty sure that the new spawn mechanics are only in the A15 latest builds…

Latest steam branch but the map was generated in earlier branches. I’ll run a new test tonight and if it still has the issues I’ll post a save.