End game surprise army

I just thought of an idea once you have a city and you are really built up with military prowess in some way of something a huge army comes balanced with calvary siege weapons missile units and lots of infantry that rampages on your lands burns your farms if not protected will try to take your cites and they might be able to be moved by diplomatic reasons if you are very good at diplomacy and trusted as non war faring people any more ideas to develop this will be appreciated

I can definitely see some sort of random scenario where you are facing a massive attack due to your military strength - it would have to be handled correctly as I imagine it would be quite annoying if it happened every time, or if a massive army just turned up …

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Correct me if I am wrong… but Tom mentioned that some of the events will be triggered by the way you play and as your city develops. It was mentioned that e.g. if you have a lot of food but poor defense, some marauders might visit you. I guess it is save to assume that a too strong defense will also lead to some events like Titans attacking you.

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i recall that as well… and depending on how the player responds to the “visitors”, assuming we have more than straight-up retaliation option, a larger body of enemies may respond in kind…