Gameplay Suggestions

When coming up with these ideas I do keep in mind that after awhile of playing we will end up with huge cities and possibly hundreds of workers.

The main suggestion i want to make is having a good way of keeping track of multiple workers at the same time, a good example of this is having a hundred or so footman, archers etc patrolling your city walls and you want to make sure that they all have certain armour and weapons so having a good way of keeping track of this I believe is pretty important. I think a good way of doing this is building of the system that is already in the game where it says the weapon, armour and whatever the 3rd item is when you look at the stats of a specific worker but when all of the footman are selected and archers are selected it says x many footman have this weapon. With the footman auto-Equipping the best gear from your stash then it will make it easy for all of your footman and archers to have the best items.

A simple suggestion to make your own pre-set buildings. This will make it quick and easy to make houses for all of your workers if you wanted to.


I think these will work well because they seem like they will work with this kind of game which should become more apparent as more worker controls are added to the game especially with the combat system which will be added.
The way the I can see these working is you find dungeons whilst moving around the world and you could build a portal to do raids (like the portals which will be used to travel to different dimensions). You should be able to select your raid group from your footman, archers, geomancers, magma-smith, engineers and Beast-masters.
Raids could be used to find exotic items which should be a good incentive to keep playing through them.
I don’t really know about the specifics with how raids will work because I don’t really know much about the mechanics of the game. I guess that one boss fight will work by you telling your group to move somewhere to collect something then take it somewhere else so that you can deal increased damage to a boss.


Tameable Large Monsters (not Titans)

These should be about 3-5 times the size of workers.
I can see this that there will be a possibility of giant enemy fortresses spawning and titans that can be used to attack players alongside and army so having these large monsters to deal with them and to siege the enemy fortresses which will make life easier for the player (of course if a player does decide to go full man mode then they can try do this without the use of these monsters). These monsters can also be used for mining and building large structures which I can definitely see in the future. An example could be them moving a large boulder to the centre of your city and then your workers slowly carve it into a statue.
I can see dragons being implemented to this game at some point and i do believe that they should just be large monsters mostly (would be good to fight a titan sized dragon at some point) but i don’t think that they should be tameable because it seems like it would give the player an unfair advantage (especially in pvp) and remove the difficulty from the game. If dragons are going to be tameable then they should at least not be able to fly which will make them much easier to balance and not be able to fly around and solo kill titans and fortresses just because nothing can hit them.

I will keep updating this post as I think of more ideas. If there are any grammar mistakes then I’m sorry I only did a quick read through before posting.


Love this idea! To me the Raids I think from what I heard before that there will be other Kingdoms around… Raids should be an actual raid of a city and going deep into their Vaults and taking their wealth and heirlooms :stuck_out_tongue:

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IDea itself is nice but i don’t think so it fits well in kingdom building simulator. There will be lots to do when the game will be complete, not need to have raids IMO

The easiest way to do dungeons would be to do something like a WoW instance, but with AI soldiers: you order the units in, then forget about them until they return, letting you manage the town whilst doing it.

Anything else is, I suspect, going to make the gameplay rather complex, especially when it comes to multiplayer games and juggling town management plus dungeons plus potentially PvP combat plus maybe a goblin raid :stuck_out_tongue: .

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I would imagine raids/dungeons would work like pvp where it’s a separate instance.

I don’t know, that would somewhat detract from the fluidity of the game to have to load an small world every time a character entered a dungeon.

It could be a possibility for certain single-player aspects–this could be potentially useful for limiting the total processing occurring in the game at a given point, with cues/warnings to tell of outside events, or maybe a simplified overview of your established settlement (like a 2D overheard map with icons for people and belongings).

When it comes to eventual multiplayer, however, this might prove less likely or raise some issues. It could be like Minecraft, where alternate “worlds” (dungeons, alternate planes, etc.) do not change while there are no players present. However, this would take away some of the threat/caution akin to the city-builder genre when having units in completely different areas or creating multiple settlements. But perhaps there might be certain instances or events that would cause time in the overworld to stop for some reason.