Empty panel covers proper panel

Look, I had no idea what to label this as, I’m sorry :stuck_out_tongue:


Empty panel covers proper panel

Theres a blank panel on top of the panel which has information and actions about items you have clicked. Just suddenly happened, didn’t notice until I needed to move my workshop.

Steps to reproduce:

Expected Results:

Actual Results:

Versions and Mods:
No mods, build 166

System Information:
OS: Windows 7 64-bit
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 5570

[quote=“Stian, post:1, topic:9399”]Versions and Mods:
No mods, build 166[/quote]
Anyone seen this bug in a more recent build?

As to what it is, I guess the GUI is overlapping badly. A save and reload (or quit & reload) might fix it though.

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It did fix it, but it happened again.

EDIT: also, my workers have trapped themselves inside a wip-building…

Sounds like you should head over here and upload your save file, if you still have it that is (maybe @Tom can figure out what’s causing this behaviour too). :slight_smile:

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yeah, I would want to see if this is present in the most recent unstable build…

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On Linux now, silly that version isn’t up yet.