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Here are a couple of my early creations. The basic idea was for a old style card playing table that could easily double as a big old boss mans desk. Think the desk the original M uses in 007.

The initial design was a simple square table:

I then decided a longer table would be more like a desk however both could work in a old school casino with card tables :slight_smile:

What do you guys think? Like the wooden feel to them etc.


Looks nice :smiley:


thanks i aim to create a few sets of items as i can’t animate so fixed objects are the way forward!

Not bad. The second table looks a bit like a snooker table to me, just some pockets are missing ^^.

Add holes at the four corners and some balls and BAM! You got yourself a pool table.

great… just what my units need… as if it wasnt bad enough when they started whining about having a tavern… introduce gambling, and we may as well hand over the keys to the goblins waiting at the border… :japanese_goblin:

but seriously, nice models! :smile:

I see what you guys mean on the pool table. It is the reason the darker strip and the red outline strip were added.

Made a quick design for a chair to go with the desk / table with the two greens



This thread is probably better categorized in “Qubicle Creations”

@2_Zons thanks for pointing it out now changed it :slight_smile:

simple, but effective… :smiley:

you might want to add some variations to the overall brown though, something similar to what you pulled together with the table…

I agree. The head of the chair seems a bit plain. You could probably spice it up with some trim or something. Maybe a version with arms as well. You could possibly give the chair depth if you wanted to go for a “cushion” look with the green, but I like it. I think it looks awesome @easto1a keep the cool models coming. :slight_smile:

@SteveAdamo @Crobo I agree its a simple one I attempted arms but that didnt go so well however adding a trim similar to the table would work well I’ll attempt to tweak it earlier.

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I love them… an oak desk with green leather inlay and matching chair… I want one for my library.
Could I have a high back red leather chair for sitting by the fire, smoking cigars, sipping brandyand maybe reading a forbidden tome (or maybe some trashy romance novel)?

@TobiasSabathius i actually attempted to make a red leather chair similar to the one morpheus sits in in the matrix alas it didnt go so well… it needs some angles and slopes to look good or at least the way id build it in my head it does and i just couldnt get it to look right it always looked odd so ended up scrapping it for the simple chair

okay after some tweaking using what @Crobo and @SteveAdamo said ive put together these two im leanign towards the dark back but yeh what do u think

Dark Pole

Light Pole


unfortunately, only the first image is coming though, as this link appears to be “dead”…

however, the addition of the lighter brown really does improve the look of the chair… nice work!

odd it works for me i’ve tried to edit it how about now?

no sir… but its entirely possible its “just me”… :disappointed:

It is only you :tongue:. I can see both chairs (and like the first version more).