Smokey's Casino!

So @SteveAdamo

if i were a betting man, which i am…

A gambler you say? Well welcome to Smokey’s casino! Trade your excess wood, grain, tools or pretty much whatever in for coins at the reception desk and then spend the night foolishly throwing them all away at the slots. :laughing:

Whether I make this into a mod or not will probably depend on the feedback I receive but I simply just enjoy messing around with Qubicle too much :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Any other ideas for machines etc.? Remember, these have to be realistic, a blackjack table for example would take a hell of a lot of work so I’m more thinking something a little less time-consuming, certainly for now :wink:

edit: how could I forget! Big thanks to @Froggy for the original villager model which I simply recoloured, saved an awful lot of time for me :smile:


Am I allowed in your casino? My supreme intellect makes me amazing at casino games and I usually get kicked out from winning all the casino’s money

@Newf Have you won any World Championship Memory Games? If not, then you might be able to play.

Not to worry, though. I, too “suffer” from extremely high intellectual capacity, yet I am still permitted entrance to such games and betting activites.

I look forward to stealing money from under your nose, if that fails I can always use my puppy dog face to take your cash instead :dog:

i am indeed… and thank you very much!

this mod is a must, i mean, our little workers need some means of blowing off steam, lest they rebel…

as for other possible games (that can be accurately cubed)… roulette? no… cards are rectangular, so perhaps something could be devised… love the overall idea though! :smile:

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Not only would you be allowed in the casino @Newf but you would probably also be given one of the staff’s jackets before being humiliatingly videoed and put on YouTube. :smiley:

@SteveAdamo I thought much the same quite frankly, Mer can grow mischievous without his slots…

I will look into a roulette and maybe I can pull it off. I hope so. I will also be making a Stonehearth deck of cards and from there, hopefully some form of card game…we shall see!

Edit: Okay! Well I am in the process of making my set of playing cards and I have come to designing the back of them. My design for the back is this:

As you can see, it’s very simple and basic but isn’t all that good so I was wondering if anybody had anything better! Feel free to post any designs at all and I will look at them and implement one :smiley:

Just a few guidelines:

Design it to the scale of 10x14 or 20x28 if at all possible

Try to leave a white rim around the edges so that when you look at the card from other angles, you can’t see white colliding with e.g. pink and think to yourself “What in God’s name is going on here?!”

Design to the height of 1 or 2 voxels

The limits on size are just to keep up the 8-bit feel of the whole game. I look forward to seeing any entries! :smile:

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Here are some Newfco Brand cards I made

The NC stands for NewfCo, and NWF is just short for Newf. The symbols are Newfco initials, A salt shaker and a smiley face in that order

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Oh @Newf you wonderful dog :laughing:

You wont be saying that when you find the surprise I left on your lawn :poop:


well, there goes the neighborhood… thought you had a nice, peaceful and wholesome community of SH citizens? once they get a taste of the wild side at Smokey’s Casino (trademark pending), they’ll never be the same…

fields will go untended… construction will come to a halt… mines will go, er… unmined… :crying_cat_face:

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Yar har har! Community? All that’s left now are the few poor souls who think they got ‘lucky’ when they struck it rich, but we’ll soon break them too. And just the thing for doing that:

Roulette! Got cash? We’ll see about that!

p.s. If anybody with any experience or knowledge with coding could tell me how on earth I would go about programming this, I would be keen to hear so I can make any necessary changes to it whilst it’s still in development :smiley:

if you want to see some of your competition, head over to @easto1a’s thread, which quickly turned into a casino-inspired theme… which, i may have been partially to blame for (i blame @voxel_pirate) … :wink:

hang out in this thread, and you’ll find some helpful brainiacs… :smile:

I see, I see! I might have words with him later in fact…

And the gauntlet has been set for them, I now await in hope of any suggestions. :smile:

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The great war of casinos

Lucky for me, I can change my roulette wheel to have zero, double zero, triple 0 and X (X being where I can take their houses if they haven’t bet on it). The odds are all in my favour and he’ll have been and gone and lost his house before he can finish his casino mod! evil laugh

I’m back!

Just to let anybody here interested know, after a visit to the Bitcave, I’ve been informed that roulette will be difficult and either very simple and kinda rubbish or very very hard. So roulette’s taking a back seat.

However, they reminded me of some very important things: dice! So I shall be implementing Craps, Yatzee and, hopefully, Perudo, or as they call it in Pirates of the Carribean, Liar Dice.

Any other suggestions are always welcome :no_pedestrians: :smile:

@Smokestacks I love your idea of some in-game mini-games which are linked to “furniture”. Really like it.

Probably some kind of a dice game might be a good starting point…

However, I hope you don’t give up on roulette. You could think about a work-around for the turning table. From what can be seen on videos so far, the camera is locked quite a bit above the scene. Not sure if details like the different numbers on your roulette will be visible at all. You could create a stylized table with few green, red and black fields (without numbers and smaller than the real one) and solve the animation by just changing the colors of the fields. From a distance, that might work. In addition, you could add a UI which shows only a part of a roulette wheel, like 3 figures, as they are passing by a “window”. Once the wheel stops, you could stop the UI-wheel and let a ball roll in, or just stop it and the number which is behind the “window” was rolled.



The answer! I honestly don’t know why I didn’t think of that…my brains turned off until September I guess :smile: I very much like both ideas and had intended on using the “window” idea for my slot machine, however couldn’t quite make the link in my head to apply it to other things…d’oh! :doughnut:

I will get working on designing a smaller one, maybe 4 red, 4 black and 1 green? However I won’t throw away my large one, I may use it as furniture (although it might be a bit odd that it’s unplayable) or something. But an enormous thanks on helping me make this work, I’d thought all hope was gone for it :smile:

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