Fuerst´s Qubicle Creations

I did play a little bit with Quible. Fantastic tool. Please say what do you think.

First a big table for a castle or a wealthy citizen.

second a round fountain


The fountain…well it’s round. Which just isn’t Stonehearth; Stonehearth doesn’t do circles. It makes it look really voxelly, so square it off a bit? Other than that, the table’s quite nice. :smile:

I like the table, very “stonehearthy”.
The fountain is to voxelly, remember, circles in stonehearth are squares. try to make it in a small scale, and keed it simple.

I REALLY like the table, and hope to see it in-game in some form or another, and that fountain is really well done, but I just hope that the latter remains only a “well-done piece of art”, rather than any sort of in-game object, the reason for which has been posted by the people above.

I mean, that’s a really excellent table, bro.

to be fair guys/gals he said qubicle creations not stonehearth items. I think they both look great. the fountain looks fab!
They had plans for other dimensions right? why not a voxelly dimension? :smiley: would be kinda fun to play with the clash of styles

welcome aboard @Fuerst! :smile:

i too really like that table… it could go quite nicely with @easto1a’s designs here:wink:

as for the fountain, it is indeed some nice voxel work…

thank you all for your kind words about the table :smiley:
the fountain is more or less only a creation i made to see how rounds and water would like (maybe i change it and make a more square one)

Your water shading is amazing. I think that fountain is perfect the way it is. No criticism whatsoever. Being a cynical guy, I can’t help but be critical of an obviously great table.

1.) Although I would assume you have already toyed with what this looks like, maybe you could try adding thickness around the shield’s curve? At the moment it feels a bit like pixel-art.

2.) Once again a tad trivial, but the rings around the table’s feet confuse me. If these are merely decorative, I would get rid of them all together. If functioning as a shadow to give depth to the legs, you may want to lighten them some to look more like part of the leg without light, apposed to a different color.

What can I say? I’m a cynical guy. <3