Early Game Goblin Exterminatng Militia

I just thought I would point out that the trappers knife has extra damage compared to other tools, and a decent early game trapper does decent damage to goblins, so it is a good idea to create a early party called “militia” and assign your trapper to it, then use that to take out early game goblin thief camps/undead (before the actual campaign starts) turn on town defense mode to make him/her braver. This way you also dont have to assign a footman too early when other things need doing. My trapper never missed and took 1 heart-part per hit from the goblins, killing them very quickly.

And as an added bonus as all of you are aware your trapper gathers food! SO they are like a multitool.


I’ll try this when I start a new game next! Thanks for the tip. :smile:

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Did you ever do it?

It is now my standard practice.