[Dup] Scaffold-defying Builder

Title: Scaffold-defying Builder

Summary: VERY, VERY rarely (about 0-1 times per house built) a builder will opt not to use the scaffolds and simply float from the stockpile up to the top of a building with his/her wood to continue constructing. After which, he’ll use the scaffolds just as normal.

Steps to reproduce:
(Difficult to reproduce, as it seems random)

  1. Set your builders building any house. (Tested with 2 different size and design houses)
  2. Watch them VERY closely, and one of them may decide to float up to the house.

Expected Results: Builders are not flying creatures, and should use scaffolds.

Actual Results: Builders ARE magical, flying creatures, and pretend to need scaffolds.



Versions and Mods: Alpha 4

System Information: Windows 8.1 64-bit

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