[Dup] A Bunch Of Problems

So… I have been trying to play Stonehearth since alpha 8. Btw, I play on a mac with parallels desktop 8.1 on steam. It has been really slow. It takes almost five minutes to open one of the crafter’s menus. Also, after I updated to a new alpha, it won’t launch. It has a thing that says “preparing to launch stonehearth” but only if I click the start button a bunch of times. It never launches after that. I am now playing alpha 10- although not really playing- and it still doesn’t work. If anybody has any suggestions please help me out. And, for the record, I do not know much about computers/files, especially not on windows/parallels desktop. I really want to play the game and I could use some help. Thank you! I hope this isn’t a big repeat of another topic.

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