[Dup] [180] Fire effect not always present with braziers

Summary: When I place braziers, some of them do not have a fire effect to accompany the lighting.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Craft braziers (Tall and short)
  2. Place

Expected results: Brazier has fire effect at nighttime

Actual results:

First the front two stopped burning when I placed the rear ones.

Then all four tall ones went out when I placed two short ones. Here, only one has actually been placed as hunger made the villager abandon it just before placing.

Both small braziers in action. The tall ones are missing the effect

A few days later, I noticed all of them working just fine. Hmmmmm…

Notes: I think this is caused by placing many braziers. My first brazier always works fine until I start adding others. Its a transient problem and they seem to always work after a day or so.

Build: r180

Extra eye candy:

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