Domino's "Samurai Jack Pack"

Yep, 5 Seasons, new Characters, same old Samurai, soon to be ported into a mod for all of your “Future” means.

With each class (Even Workers) soon to be remodeled into your favorite Characters (Scotsman Included!)

Custom Buildings (We all wanted to live in Aku’s Hell Cave right?)

Weapons (Diggin the sword, Babe)

Shall we Start? Yes we shall: (More will be added, I don’t live by my computer day by day, I do Human Things Too)

Daughters of Aku (Female Footman Remodel)

Let’s Start with something New, The Daughters. Everybodys Favorite assassins: I took time to consider the option of Footman or Knight, since Most people start with Footman, I chose Footman: