Doing something for the First time BUG

I noticed something in my playthroughts.

There are a set of bugs that follow the same partern

Frist time doing [action] -> UI freeze -> save -> game freeze
note the game will save.
with UI freeze I mean that the game goes on but clicking the UI will have no effect on the game or will do it poorly (hearthlings screen blank)

I have only found 2 actions which cause this, but the concistency over a few games makes me think its related.
Promoting a heartling to a crafter
Activating town defence mode.

These bugs only happen once, after saving, restarting game and loading. they wont happen again.

if any of you know more actions which have the same effect. please post them.
Also if you have flaws in my theory pls tell them to me

Alpha 10 (x64) B2380
Win 7 64 bit
AMD Radeon HD 7800 series
AMD FX 8320 Eight-core ~3,5 GHZ

edit: this bug is also in build 2387

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