Does the trapper work?

Hi, I’ve just started playing Stonehearth again for the first time in months. I noticed there was an ability to promote a worker to trapper, so I did. I can’t figure out how to get it to actually place traps. Whenever I click the “place a snare” button, I get a red x that follows my cursor. Do I need to place the trap in a specific place? Because when I click nothing happens.

You make an area (left click and drag) like you were going to make a stock pile or place a floor.
the trapper will then patrol the area and place traps then will go back and cut trees pick plants or move stuff to stock piles. he will then go back out and check his traps and if anything is in them will bring them back to town.

and this is the “trap” icon you selected underneath the zones UI, yes?

once you select that icon, you should be able to click and drag an area that the trapper unit will then head to and place his traps… but you click the icon and you … get a red “x” icon?

I think @Gamer36 is talking about trapper from Alpha 3. In which case you need to move your trapper closer to animals and then use “snare trap” button. You can place a snare in a small radius around the trapper.


oops i forgot all about alpha 3 being in existence. do what @mangarz said

I think the Trapper has been removed to be fixed, so the only thing to do is wait.

But, I haven’t played Stonehearth in nearly a month, so . . .

Need to get back to it then :stuck_out_tongue: .

  1. In Alpha 3, your trapper needs to be near the critter you want to catch. Use his/her trap ability on the critter(s) to trap them. Note they’ll escape if left alone for too long.

  2. In Alpha 4 r118, your trapper needs a zone to work in. Once that’s done he can be left alone.

Well then, I guess I’m useless here because I haven’t played the newest version of A4.