Do we lose save games after each Alpha update?

Hi everyone,

Just a basic question - I was wondering if our save games become unusable after we upgrade to the latest Alpha version?

I’m keen to always be up to date with the alphas, but it’s a shame to lose many hours spent in a game.

Thanks for any info,


No, your saved games will show up as incompatible but usually you can still load them and play.

I have not really noticed any problem playing with save games from previous Alpha versions.

hey there @Lylio … a good rule of thumb, when participating in an alpha test, is to never count on consistency/stability between builds… the truth is, there are just too many moving parts…

many folks prefer to join the testing process when the builds are more feature complete and stable, which usually refers to a beta phase… when we will hit that with Stonehearth is not precisely known…

I hope this helps! :smiley: