When will saves stop becoming useless after every update?

Honestly, this is the one thing turning me off this game at the moment: the fact that a new update will just ruin all my work from the previous update and I’m left starting from scratch everytime. Needless to say, it’s pretty boring, and is really ruining this otherwise incredible game for me. So I’m just wondering when will this stop happening? I saw they said last update would be the last one where this happens but that clearly wasn’t true… Thoughts anyone?

No. Last stable update was an exception. There will be no saves lasting from one alpha to another as a rule. When beta arrives, all the big changes will be in and saves will stop breaking (with perhaps a rare exception).

See this page from the stonehearth website about it.


My thoughts are as follows:

Save game incompatibility happens because the underlying game code is changed. So every time a feature is added, or a bug resolved, there is a likelihood that your save will break. Not because the Devs are evil, and enjoy watching you start over and over. (except maybe @not_owen_wilson…)

Given the choice of continued development and improvement, or saved game compatibility and stagnation - I know which one I’d choose every time.

If it bothers you that much, I’d recommend staying on the stable branch, as it is updated less frequently. Or perhaps wait till beta for the reasons @Tuhalu has suggested.