When can we expect compatible save versions?

I’m tired of only being able to grow my town to a certain point before a update makes the save unusable. Don’t get me wrong, I’m having tons of fun with the game but since I’m doing a let’s play on YouTube starting over and over doesn’t make for good content.


yeah, I had to disable the bleeding edge client for this reason as well… :smile:

this way, theres a decent amount of time between major builds to squeeze in a number of recordings …

as for when saves will likely be compatible, I would imagine that will happen once we hit the Beta stage…


hats my guess to, unless were super lucky and they push it out for the steam EA…

Wouldn’t that corrupt the world?

looking at the development page (recently updated)

it shows that compatible saves will be in Beta, Development – Stonehearth

Just play offline so it does not update.