About alpha 12 versions

is the alpha 12 will be work better on “none” steam version or on “latest” one?

Usually if you want a stable build go for the normal steam version. If you want the latest newly released stuff you’ll like the latest beta version more. If you take the stable steam version you will not have all ne features yet tho.

So it basically comes down to what you want ^^

Also, the “none” version is alpha 11, while the latest is alpha 12 (really alpha, alpha 12). Playing on none means you can have a much higher likelihood that saves will work in the next version, where as in the “latest” branch save compatibility is much more frequently broken between builds.

Get all the details about the development builds here.

are you sure man?
they will work ?
but there is changes on maps between alpha 11 and 12 ?
am i wrong?

unless I’ve missed something, we haven’t had save compatibility between major builds yet (A9 :arrow_right: A10 :arrow_right: A11) … have we?

I know there were improvements in preventing incompatible saves from being loaded (A11), but wasn’t aware we could load a save from one stable client to another… I was under the assumption this wouldn’t likely happen until we were within the beta phase of development…

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@SteveAdamo, I thought it was mentioned in a stream that they were going to try to keep save compatibility moving forward, but I could be very wrong :smile:.

i do believe they mentioned that somehwere yet this often is very hard…
For example they said it wasn’t possible or not advised to do so around alpha 7 (if i’m correct). Yet it was still possible to do so often flawlesly for me and lots of other people

ohhh… well, I’ve missed several recent streams, so its certainly possible this was mentioned… and if so, woohoo! :smile:

yeah, I suppose I should have emphasized that we shouldn’t necessarily count on this being the case, 100% of the time (save compatibility)…

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Edited post to remove the “certainty.”

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I believe that there was incompatibility between alpha 10.5 and 11 because they brought forth the embark with members and the ability to decide what tools to use, along with food that now spoils. I also believe that when the biomes comes into play the compatibility between alphas will not work. It could be that when there is major changes done with dealing with the core engine, there will be incompatibility between the alphas. I could be wrong. It is just an observation I have seen since I started playing during alpha 10.

Hi everyone,

For released versions of the game, the version names that have “r” in front of them, our goal is to provide save compatibility while that release is out. For the latest versions on unstable, the version names that start with “dev”, there are no guarantees.

Between alpha releases (like alpha 11 to alpha 12), we’ve probably added so many features that save compatibility is not possible.


We’re trying to preserve save compatibility for as long as we can for the unstable alpha 12 on steam latest. Currently, there are some changes where if we make them, save compatibility is not possible. The goal is to identify those areas now and work on making them support save compatibility in the future. (So it will get better as time goes on!)


Thanks for explaining yshan.