Moving between stable and unstable builds


  • If you opt in to trying out the unstable builds, is it easy-ish to switch back and forth later?
  • Any potential harm to existing save games from either build type (I’m less worried about unstable build saves, obviously)?

Thanks in advance!

If you’re on steam, the method to opt-in is the same as it is to opt-out so it’s super easy to switch back and forth.Just follow the steps at the end of this page.

Saves are generally not compatible between builds (alphas); so if you’ve been playing a game in Alpha 11 stable and decide you want to switch to Alpha 12 unstable, your Alpha 11 file will still exist but you can only play it again if you switch back builds.

Hope that made sense


Perfect sense, thank you! :slight_smile:

My biggest concern was that I didn’t want to accidentally corrupt a save file in the process of switching back and forth, if for example, the game might automatically try to load an incompatible save (etc).

Thanks again for the quick response. It looks like it should be easy (and safe) to jump in to help test unstable builds.

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