Version of the Humble Installer

Hey there,

I was curios about the Develop Builds because they offer some nice content (bugs aside ;))
but since I’m using the Installer provided by HumbleBundle it seems that I’m only allowed to use the Release-Builds.

Am I missing something or is it just not possible to switch to DevBuilds with the Non-Steam Version of the game.
Also I would like to know if the game will be up to date with the installer I got (joined the fellowship with Alpha11) or if I need to manually download the newest versions as soon as they come out.

Thanks for the coming answers^^
(also I really hope the Topic fits in the Support branch)

Hi and welcome to the Forum!

The Humbleversion just supports stable versions - if you want to test to new unstable builds you must use the steamkey and switch to beta latest. Also the Humbleversion has no autoupdate so you must check manually ^^

Edit: The key for steam you will find in your humbleliabrary - submenu keys ^^


Thanks for the clarification :smile:

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hey there @Captain_Stronk, welcome to the discourse :smile:

@Wiese2007 covered your question, and i dont have anything else to add.

changed it to development as it seemed to be more fitting for a question about updates.

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