Question about Releases and Versions

I’ll just list the questions:

  • Will the version I got from Humble Bundle be automatically updated or do I need to re-download it when an update lands?

  • Is the Humble Bundle version ‘Stable’ or a latest dev build?

  • Where do I go to find out what Steam version I have? I see a lot of talk about 'dev build 2176x64, but I have no idea where you get this information. All I see is "Current contend BuildID: 521576

  1. manually (when a new stable version was released)
  2. stable there are no unstable on humble
  3. you see this in the starttitle left bottom (but if i repeat you cant start ^^ - have you tried my ideas that i have postet?) IDEAS!

Edit: An answer in one of the Topics would be nice :wink:


Thanks, :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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