[NaB] Alpha 4 - Can't Play Save-Files From Alpha 3

Hey guys! It’s me, @EpicDwarf. You probably know me.

Well, Alpha 4 was released today, and I found a Bug before I even started a game.

Here it is.


Can’t Play Save-Files From Alpha 3


Minor, but annoying.


If you attempt to play a Save-File from Alpha 3 on the newest version of Stonehearth, which is Alpha 4, you will be greeted with the regular Loading-Screen, but with an empty Loading-Bar. An Error Message-Box with the title “Stonehearth Assertion Failed” and with the word “result” will appear in the body. If you click “OK”, the game will immediately crash.

Steps to reproduce:

1) Open Stonehearth. Make sure you’re running Alpha 4. Go to the Alpha 4 Thread for more info.

2) This is mandatory if you want to repeat this Bug. You should have an old Save-File from Alpha 3. Open it.

3) You will be greeted with a Loading-Screen with an empty Loading-Bar.

4) Suddenly, an Error Message Box with the title “Stonehearth Assertion Failed” and with the body “result”.

5) Click on the only Button, which is “OK”. The game will immediately crash.

Expected Results:

Well, I obviously expected for the game to work, or not because it said that Alpha 4 was buggy as all !@#$

Actual Results:

Empty Loading-Bar, Error Message Box, Game Crashing, blah blah blah . . .




Here is a picture I took with the Snipping-Tool in Microsoft Windows 8.1 Update 1.

Versions and Mods:

Stonehearth Alpha Version 4.20 - No 3rd Party Attachments or Mods.

System Information:

Operating System Version:

Microsoft Windows 8.1 Update 1 64-Bit - Build 9600

Operating System Manufacturer:

Microsoft Corporation

System Version Y510P Notebook - 20217

System Manufacturer

Lenovo Group LTD

System Processor Version

Intel CORE i7-4700MQ CPU @ 2.40GHz 2401 Mhz 4 Cores 8 Logical Processors

System Processor Manufacturer

Intel Corporation

BIOS Version/Date

LENOVO 74CN44WW (V3.05, 9/18/2013

BIOS Manufacturer

Lenovo Group LTD

GPU Version

nVidia GEFORCE 780M

GPU Manufacturer

nVidia Corporation

Physical RAM

8192MB RAM

DirectX Version

DirectX 11

Well, that’s all, I have to say, and damn. That’s a huge Bug-Report for a small Anomaly.

:sweat_smile: But this is normal, they are really different versions. In fact, I deleted my only savefile of Alpha 3 when first played Alpha 4 because I knew I wouldn’t be able to play it now.

I wouldn’t really consider this a bug, but thanks for reporting anyway. :blush:

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Yes, we broke save compatibility from Alpha 3 and it’s too extensive to fix. Sorry about that!

If you really want your A3 save files to continue, save out a copy of A3 from Humble Bundle now. :slight_smile:

yeah, I think its best if we just assume each new client signifies a new beginning… don’t count on previous saves to work from build to build… at least, not until we’re at least deep into beta territory…

thanks for the report though! :smile: