[Res] Can't play Alpha 8 [latest]

Ok, so I’ve switched to the Steam latest branch to try out Alpha 8, but it’s not working for me. 3 things stand out:

  1. I get an error pop-up during loading the game: "No matching overload found, candidates: int h3dAddLightNode(int,char const*,char const*, char const*,bool)

  2. When the game finishes loading, it shows the Alpha 7 splash screen, while I would expect the Alpha 8 screen here. Attached is a screenshot, also with the error message from (1).

  3. When I try to start a game, I am able to select the area to embark on the map, but after that in the loading screen I get another pop-up and the game doesn’t load the level. My only option then is to close the game. I’ve attached a 2nd screenshot with the error:

Load game bug:

Load level bug:

I’m a little surprised (and worried) that I’ve not seen any other mention of this bug. I hope it’s not my laptop. I should note that I’m running on a laptop with Intel graphics card (worked fine tilll now).

Any suggestions, but mainly just wanted to record this for the team.


EDIT: I should mention that I HAVE tried removing the game entirely and re-installing it, to no avail.

Have you tried deleting the stonehearth directory from withing steamapps and then reinstalling? Also, make sure the only mods that are in your mods directory are radiant.smod and stonehearth.smod.

Let us know how you get on. Seems like you have a few older files in that directory


Lets try a few steps and options here.

1: Make sure you delete the old Stonehearth file. (the one not in steam) If you have it.

2: Do what @Froggy said, try deleting the Stonehearth file in steam itself and reinstalling it .

3: Next make sure you have the latest, to do so follow this
-Go to properties in Stonehearth in steam library.
-Select beta tab (The last Tab).
-Select latest (it will ask for code ignore that).
-Let it update.

4: Try turning all graphics off, then go through each one till the error shows up. (reloading the game each time you turn one on).


Thanks guys, problem solved. Indeed, there were some old files on disk that were causing the problem. manually deleting the Stonehearth directory and re-installing fixed everything. In fact, even looks like performance has improved some :smile:

Thanks again!