Do I have the 64bit ver.?

How can I tell if I have the 64bit ver., and if not how do I get access to it? Thanks.

Other people will likely know more than i on this, but i believe the 64bit version is currently on the Latest/Dev branch in the opt in Beta’s.

From the post on the stonehearth site.
“The game should automatically run the 64-bit client if you’re on a 64-bit OS. You’ll see “x64 build” in the version tag in the lower right of the title screen.”

If you are on the Latest branch, you should be mint! Else if you are wanting to swap over to it (Be aware it can be buggy) in steam Right click on Stonehearth, click Properties. On the Beta’s tab you can Select Latest from the drop down.

Let the game update and off you go! =)

I just found my answer…

In the Steam Client > Right Click on “Stonehearth” in your game library > Click on “Properties” > Go to the “Update” tab and select which priority you want. I selected the High Priority and you will see the Steam Client start to update it at the bottom of the screen.

When next you launch Stonehearth you will see the “x64 Build” in the bottom corner of the title screen.


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