64-bit available through Steam?

Hello… sorry if this has already been answered, but I didn’t see it after a quick search. Is the 64-bit version of the game available to users through Steam, or is it currently only available as a separate download through the Stonehearth website?

Thanks! :smile:

It’s available through Steam. You may have to enable it somewhere, I forgot the details…

EDIT:Also, I’m pretty sure it’s only available on the unstable build.

Its through steam - just right click on stonehearth - settings - beta - latest :wink: and when you have started it there are upperside right also settings were you must enable 64bit ^^


Thank you Wiese2007 for showing me this! :smile:

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hey there @alpha_omega … welcome aboard! :smile:

annnnd with that, I think we can wrap this one up… :+1:

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