Different goblin types

It would be cool to have a greater variety of goblin types. For example, maybe a goblin that ignores most things, but tries to burn stuff while its still in your stockpile. So if you had like 3 or 4 of these guys run into your village while the other goblins provide interference, they could do serious damage to your stockpiles. obviously it would be cool to have goblins and other mobs be able to destroy actual structures as well.


Well first of all, welcome to the forum @communistpenguin! I have a sneaking suspicion you just might get along well with @LordNevs. :smile:

So from what I can tell you are suggesting goblin professions of sorts, besides just the basic types. This would pretty interesting, and such ideas have been floating around the forum for the last few weeks.

This is what I think we need, using some of your ideas too:

They would attempt to do as much damage as possible. While you may not even lose any hearthlings from a pyromancer attack, you could potentially lose entire stockpiles.

A sort of construction goblin, he can tell goblins to dig tunnels or build stuff in order to get around walls and defenses.

This goblin would not fight directly, instead empowering his allies and weakening his enemies from afar.


I like this idea specifically, gives more weight to goblin attacks, instead of just losing a hearthling that you’ll get back next daily update.


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I like the little guys but after you get a large stock of food and like three houses they start sprouting like cabbages…

This sounds like something that should be added down the road, if its not already planned.

One thing I would kinda like to point out is that the current goblin camp already has several types of gobbos in them, so would be a good place to start. I would like the ones in the hoods to be thieves that would be able to climb over your walls and would try to steal things while your peeps were sleeping, rather than fighting it out as they do right now.

I think that the goblin’s motivations should also be a bit more refined. If they are raiders, just burning stockpiles sounds like a terrible idea, because they would run out of things to raid. Setting fire to houses and such though, that seems okay. I would much prefer them try to steal things rather than just smash them as they do now, or just setting fire to everything. Of course, this is predicated on fire and building damage being added, but still.

I would tend on the side of keeping goblins as a sort of tribal threat. Give them voodoo magicians and such, have them cast curses on your settlement that you have to send people out to fix and such, but don’t give them too much in the ways of technology. Save that for a different antagonist.


goblins dont really need technology i agree, other than explosives of course… :wink:

Well, we do have thieves, marauders, warriors, peons, and leaders… :smile: