Different Breeds Of Animals

Will there be breeds in Stonehearth? As an example if I was making a town in a Snow/Glacier Biome would I be dealing with regular Wolves or would I be fighting Snow Wolves which might have thicker fur, be white instead of grey (They might have a little grey on their backs or something, I was thinking they would look like the wolves from the new Disney movie Frozen advertisement which looked AMAZING) and they could drop Snow Wolf Fur or something which would look different and have different stats to the normal Wolf Fur. I was also wondering if animals like birds would only be around depending on seasons because IRL Birds fly to warmer places and other animals hibernate in the Winter so if its Winter would you see less animals? or would their still be the same amount?

My breed idea could also be applied to bears, Polar bears in Snow/Glacier Biomes, Black Bears, Brown and Grizzlys in Forest Biomes (Maybe different kinds of Forest Biomes? Different Breeds maybe?) Panda Bears, Sloth Bears, Sun Bears and many more, I dont want to be stuck with one boring bear. I WANT THOUSANDS OF DIFFERENT KINDS!!! this goes for all other animals too.

These breeds could just be recoloured versions of the origional model but I still want it to be there because if I am faced with one bear then I am just going to get bored of it pretty quickly but if I had a few (Five atleast please) I would enjoy the game much more because adding these breeds would add depth to the game. Different breeds would have different stats (Please dont just make some flame retardent, Each of these animals have fur and to my knowledge fur is flamable) This would be very exciting for the animal lovers and if there are some who hate animals they would have more animals to kill so everyone wins.

I know this is a mess and not really in order but Im thirteen (In human years not Dog) so cut me some slack.


@newf applaud at this for I was wonder something like this See I am wondering if with different materials from different places may look different Example Stone, stone everywhere looks different or similar depending on which biome what happened in the area or if a new material come into contact with stone (this is also irl). so this could be the same with materials to such as gems or such, anyways back to the point I would LOVE if we could customize armor and clothing for example say you have standard iron armor but than add a deer skin cloak to it and with that maybe also make iron armor look different with different ways of putting it together like make normal iron armor into Gothic iron armor or make it into Nordic iron armor (Skyrim version not irl) or would armor look different for each faction?

Well goblins would have old rusted armour, elves would usually wear gold and cloth and Dwarves wear Dark iron armour, so I guess you would have faction armour in that way,

I was more looking forward to different breeds of animals, so you might have brown bunnies in the grass and forests but in the Snow/Glacier biomes you would have white bunnies but I guess you could add maybe different furs to armour and the different breeds would have something to do with this, For example instead of having to go adventuring for dye so you can dye your wolf skin cloak red you would just go looking for a biome where red wolves live and make a new cloak from their fur (I now wolves are not red but maybe some sort of ginger?)

But maybe Red Foxes instead?

It was just an example

I think you’re in luck Newf, this seems like a pretty easy thing to do, assuming some sort of “unit based biome characteristic” exists. Which is logically would, given it is a pretty powerful tool and would make a lot of sense. On top of that, modding the color and attributes of an item should be pretty easy to mod. This is sorta the low hanging fruit of modding, even I plan to do some of this :slight_smile:

It might be a ways out from the start of the testing though, I don’t know how “big” biomes are to the devs at first.

This I realise but I would hope this would be in-game before the September release

Question @Newf do you think this is something @Tom, @Ponder, and @sdee Might want to include already in game as a future patch? I hope they see this.

More to the point, the very structure you describe, @Newf, is baked into the heart of most object-oriented programming languages: either through inheritance Inheritance (object-oriented programming) - Wikipedia or via mixins: Mixin - Wikipedia

We re-use the concept in our object definition files to make sure that though individual humans look different, they still share the same basic features and abilities.

I wonder if some very brave and intrepid person might even be able to figure out how to use that concept to add different breeds of rabbits to the Stonehearth graphics test. :wink:

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if only you had fans, ravenous enough to literally tear a meager graphics test apart, and introduce all sorts of graphical awesomeness… ah well, perhaps with SH Part Deux…


Wait what would happen if for example a polar bear breeds with a grizzly bear? do we get some sort of new variation of bear never before discovered? well of course the question is will animals be able to breed in the first place…

I thought I had it but it’s crashing so I’m afraid more looking through stuff may be necessary. It doesn’t look too complex from the surface though.

I think this is an amazing idea, especially for multiplayer. Having my friend in the tundra wearing white fur and eskimo gear made from the nearby animals, would make them look a lot more unique from my grassland, or even ocean faring people.