[developer tools] [help] Trouble with the new tools

So, now that there is the new “mods” section in the main menu, and the new builder, there apparently is now a new developer tools thing. In the past, my understanding is that there was a config file for the game that allows you to enable the console with the Grave key. But now there’s this, and a bunch of buttons at the top of the screen and none of them seem like they would do what the console would do. So, can anyone tell me how to use that to do things like “ib” and “destroy” in the new dev tools, or am I completely in the wrong place and don’t know what I’m doing?

If you have the dev tools on destroy is onder shift-left click on something, so is stuff like level up make hungry eyc

Alright, thanks.
But how do I do IB for instant build?

This tool is not new.

But you can still use the console commands as before with the console CTRL+C :slight_smile:

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Ah. Thanks, mate!

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