Debug tool Alpha 21 not working?

Heya all!

I just got back into Stonehearth and had to install it clean.
I noticed there are some changes in the game, I downloaded my trusty debug tool again, and started a new game.

Now I tried to do set mind 6, and is saids it’s an unknown command. I also noticed the extra buttons are not there.

Does version 21 not support the Debug tool?
If so is there a way to set my game back to an Alpha that does support it?


The game already have the debug tools by default, you don’t need to download it. If you did, then it is probably outdated. You only need to go into the mod manager and activate it there.

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@BrunoSupremo Oh my! I never noticed that you actually need to activate it!
Thanks allot!

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So sorry but the Debug Tools are implemented in the original game? Is this true? Or i have to download it from elsewhere?

Can’t find them unfortunately :cry:

Delete any debug you have installed externally.


Maybe i’m only to stupid but i can’t find the Debug Tool for Stonehearth. Someone can help me?

Open Stonehearth and stay in the main menu. Open the settings, go to the last tab (Mods) and check the debugtools mod.
Click ok and let the game refresh.

ahhh it’s integrated in the new Alphas? Great! I have read about a GitHub file to download but this was for Version 10.4

Many Thanks @Relyss:D