Debugtools no longer working?

I did an removal and clean install of stonehearth. I also downloaded and installed debugtools again. But after starting the game the icons are not showing, the commands not working. Anyone got an idea why? It worked just fine in previous versions.

hmm… i’m not sure if debugtools have been updated to A18 yet, paging @yshan!

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it was working yesterday:)

@Doc_Brano you must change the version in the manifest to 3 or higher :wink: @8BitCrab see me pullrequest in github and my commentar “sorry I could not help me” in slack xD

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how do i do that exacly?

like i see you have a folder for the debugtools so just open it and there you will find the manifest.json then open it with an editior and just change the 2 to 3 ^^

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