[develop-2283] blacksmith balance wonky

I have 20 steel ignots, but my blacksmith is still an apprentice.

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This would be more of a gameplay thing than an actual suggestion right?


It also takes 3 work units to make anything… I think this stuff will be sorted in the beta!

(I’m personally hoping it takes 100 work units to make an ingot or something… give us time to do other stuff, you know)


Yup! Fixed…!

here a good exemple for the balance
with carpenter / blacksmith

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Note that the actual block cooldown time may be significantly shorter with the steel shield… blocking twice as often is HEAPS more useful than reducing your damage by 1!

In the case of the Trusty Shield, the cooldown is 1000ms. The Wooden Shield is set for every 10000ms… thats a whopping 10x more blocking to be done! That’s a pretty valuable steel ingot, I’d say :smiley:


@phector2004 I think that the cooldown should be included in the defense “score”

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I 100% agree… there has to be a clever way of calculating this. Or at least displaying a Block Rating?