Blacksmith leveling

Am I the only one who thinks the blacksmith levels extremely slow?

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It wouldnt be to bad but that bug that stops games from saving makes it so i never reach lvl 4 on him lol. Its close to 100 bars to get him to lvl 4

part of me thinks the class should progress a bit slower than the rest, as the units are working at some grueling tasks… :smile:

although I am sure the speed can and will be adjusted with more feedback…


To be fair, I found an iron vein and made a whole arsenal of weapons and armour (5 pikes, 5 armours) and I smelted all the iron, I believe it was lvl 3 after that. So IMO it’s not THAT slow.


it is deathly slow to level him up. I have been smelting about 30 bars and I still am level 1.
Just to get that I have had to mine half a mountain to get enough ore to work with. Which we all know messes up the game because mining has a bug which slows down the game.

have you made any armor/weapons yet? i think those help level faster, not 100% certain though…

Did your blacksmith level up any other job beforehand?

There’s a penalty for leveling up several jobs. When you level up in a job; your hearthling also levels up. For example, let’s say you leveled up a carpenter to level 3 and then switched job to a blacksmith, it would then take as much time for your blacksmith to reach level 1 as it would trying to become a level 4 carpenter.