[Dev Blog] Stonehearth Alpha r41 Now Available


Such map.

And I have no idea why the link hasn’t embedded …

runs away


(fixed) New build locks up, also locks up steam when I try and launch, uninstalled and re-installed :slight_smile: now to make a video

For anyone that wants to check it out, my video on new features in r41:


Hmm, that’s very odd indeed, what are your system specs?

Glad to hear it :slight_smile:

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yeah, didn’t work on Tuesday either… not sure what’s going on there…

oh well, new release!!! :+1:

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Looks awesome! I’ll have to take a peek when it hits Humble Bundle. Map looks pretty cool, though!

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might have been some conflicts from my last mod video I did, that didn’t get cleared out from the update

nods Such map indeed. Pretty awesome. And nice to see new builds pushed out more regularly as they said they would be with the AI straightened out. :slight_smile:

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I love the new release, but I have one question:

Why can’t I build a Carpenter Bench?

You need to promote a carpenter using the saw. Then the carpenter can build its own work bench. Just click on the carpenter, it should be the last action.

In unrelated news, this is the third time an update was released just after I finished a project. I don’t believe in coincidences anymore… I have the power to summon updates.


I’ll send you some mana pots. Lets get these releases going! :wink:


I fiddled around a bit in the game, but I still haven’t found any sheep. I have found rabbits though, so anyways, why didn’t I find any sheep?

Your welcome :smile:

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they’re not too widespread… they may also be playing hide-and-go-phase…

This was hilarious :wink: To fix it all I Had to do was shut down and restart the game :smile:


You’ll have a Kingdom in no time with that many Settlers.

Well, this is interesting. I have found the first case of Siemese Twins in Stonehearth!

Loving the new version guys. Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

Great patch… my favorite one so far :wink:. I love the map overview at the beginning. But where is the option to enter a seed @Tom?

Also great to see some animals around and the new way of promoting a worker to a profession is also nicer. Feels better if a worker creates his on workbench.

Overall quite some stuff to play / mod around with.

I love the new embark screen. Great work.