[Dev Blog] - Quick Crafter Update



I seriously like the blacksmith as a model, the rolled up sleeves looks very nice. My only question would be that would you not think him a bit of a darker skin? I don’t know if that works with having multiple races (it should do) but working in front of a fire all day, you’d think that’d do something to his complexion, no?

Yes, that sounds much more appropriate for him. But I have to admit, I don’t particularly like the model. Not that it’s bad, it just doesn’t appeal to me visually. Maybe it’s the wrist cuff-things…

The good news is that it ABSOLUTELY reads as a different thing.

I also love the blacksmith a=but I am going to have to disagree with you on the skin color.Mainly because they have not hinted towards multiple skin colors and i think it would just make it confusing. regardless cool models :smile:

But the wrist cuffs are the best part! Do what you like, but they really do fill that space well with something other than sleeves.

Are you sure? They’ve already showed a model of a black person. :smile:

lol we will see :smile:

The thing that I’m most surprised about is that I managed to get this on to the site before either @SteveAdamo or @Geoffers747 had a chance to.


yes well… enjoy my lapse in duties… :cry:

i believe i was in transit home when this went out… and,… and,… the sun was in my eye… dont judge me!

as for the update itself, the revised models look excellent… i love the subtle details that really make their outfits “pop”, like the gold in the overalls, the utility pocket for the carpenter, and the blacksmiths swanky belt buckle… :+1:


And I was having to maintain a conversation with the other half, you win this one @ManOfRet … you win this one.

Agreed - the new blacksmith really reminds me of something and I cannot for the life of me think what it is. It’s off some sort of sci-fi film or TV show, where they are wearing at some point this tunic/dress thing and the shoulders are these really pronounced semi-circles …

I though perhaps Futurama or the Fifth Element … but I just can’t find it cap’n!

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I like the blacksmith. About the carpenter I think a different color for the belt would help to stand out more.

well, googling “fifth element outfits” yields nothing but a sea of bad Leeloo knockoffs… :smile:

on a related note, i believe i’ve seen the movie about 623 times… give or take


But @SteveAdamo said that he was driving home…? With the sun in his eye…? What could this mean…?!?

Is everything I know a… could it all just be a… I can’t believe that it all could be just one big…



…I was in the passenger seat?

I mean, what did you think?!

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#LLIESSS! nooooooooooo1!

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re-reading the blog, it looks like the weaver needs some sort of distinctive characteristic for her outfit… i like the yellow/gold in her shirt, but she needs something similar to the carpenter’s pouch, etc.

and trust me, you dont want to know what he was doing there…